Understanding Fall Forest Fire Dangers In Kentucky

Forest fires can decimate the land and any structures standing upon it. They can also wreak havoc on indoor air qualities for miles around. Understanding fall forest fire dangers in Kentucky is a very important part of keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. Following are several things that you can do to effectively mitigate both fire events and the many health risks caused by prolonged exposure to smoke.

All residents of this state should take the time to familiarize themselves with the fire restrictions and rules that pertain to their areas. Even something as harmless as a small campfire can have disastrous repercussions if it is not properly tended to, planned or put out. As such, local authorities have seriously penalties for residents who light fires in forbidden areas or who fail to take the proper cautions when burning wood and other materials in areas that are approved.

If you happen to smoke cigarettes, you want to be especially mindful about how you are putting these out during this time of year. The surrounding brush and wooded areas tend to be excessively dry. This means that it takes little more than a single ember to create major problems. It is best to avoid smoking entirely near dry wooded areas but if you do, always make sure that your cigarette is put out in a small container of water rather than simply dropping or stubbing it out on the ground.

Some Kentucky residents have taken to burning certain forms of garbage. This is done to sidestep the costs of actually dumping these things. While some articles are approved for burning, most forms of rubbish are not. Not only does burning garbage increase the risk of forest fires, but it also has a very negative impact on overall air quality.

When fires do occur, be mindful of the fact that they affect both the air that your breathe outdoors and the air that is present indoors. In fact, certain forms of microscopic debris and a host of contaminants can often be found on the filters and within the filtration systems of HVAC units. This is especially true for homes that are located downwind of fires or fairly close to them.

You might think that the danger of these events is over once the actual flames have been put out. Sadly, however, many of the toxins and particulates released by these events can actually remain in your home for quite some time. Once in the home, they will enter the duct system and the vents and could be circulated throughout the living environment indefinitely.

This makes it vital for homeowners to have their units serviced and their ducts cleaned just after the fire season has come to an end. This is all the more true if the season happened to be a specially active one. Replacing filters and cleaning dirty ducts and air vents can significantly improve indoor air quality.

There are even air cleaners, humidifiers and ventilators that homeowners can invest in for assured, year-round air quality. These systems are ideal for people who suffer from chronic respiratory conditions. They create clean, breathable air at a reasonable cost, even during times of high smoke and other fire-related issues.

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