Tips On What To Do When You Are Losing Electricity During A Thunderstorm

During a monstrous storm, an electrical power outage is often experienced by homeowners. This is when your central AC units may not come back on. Losing electricity during a thunderstorm can be inconvenient, especially in the hot summer months when you need to cool your home. There are some steps you can take to ensure maximum safety.

Start by turning off the AC at the thermostat. This allows you to reset the circuit breaker and prevent the AC unit from malfunction. If the AC unit does not come back on, look for the circuit breaker box. After a power outage, the storm can overload the circuit of the AC unit.

Once you have located the circuit breaker, open the box and find the air conditioner label next to it. There will be an on and off setting on the breaker. Wait for half an hour before resetting it. In the meantime, do whatever necessary to stay cool.

If the unit does not come back on according to the instructions manual, contact a qualified specialist in HVAC Lexington area to take a look at your unit. There may be an electrical issue, which requires the technical expertise of a specialist. It is likely that a lightning strike has caused a power surge and tripped the circuit breaker. Your AC system may have sustained damage and therefore, requires an expert air conditioning repair technician.

Some safety tips to take into account for power outages include making sure you have plenty of backup flashlight or candles. In fact, you should have a flashlight in every room of your house in emergency times. When the outage is a lengthy one, you should consider keeping a first aid kit just in case.

If you use a generator, it must be installed and wired properly, otherwise, it could cause dangerous conditions when restoring power. Remember that the indoor air quality of your home must be maintained during hot weather and if your old AC unit is no longer working, you should consider installing a new model.

For air conditioning installation Lexington KY technicians will offer you a range of options. A split system, for example, is a combination of indoor and outdoor condensing unit that contains air fan and refrigerant. These split systems are often found in residential and commercial properties and have the highest energy efficiency rating.

A packaged system is another unit that uses a range of components in the split system. This system must be installed outside of the property in order for the indoor air to get distributed throughout the house. Only an experienced HVAC specialist will able to advise on choosing the most suitable system for your home. These experts take into account the indoor humidity as well as the outside temperatures before installing an appropriate AC unit in your home.

Once you have contacted a local HVAC company to install a suitable air conditioning system, you must now take appropriate steps to look after the unit. Whenever you hear about an upcoming storm, make sure you turn off the power to your AC in order to prevent it from blowing. By following all the safety precautions, you can be sure of enjoying your new air conditioner for many years to come.

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