The Benefits of a New Heating System

Benefits of having a heating systemHeating really becomes a critical requirement in a home when deep winter kicks in. Even with a fireplace, a home will turn as cold as a refrigerator without the heat circulation turned on and moving from room to room. So, if a furnace goes out or starts to show signs of needing a replacement before winter is over, it’s understandable for folks to go into a bit of a shock with the price figure involved. A full installation is not a simple affair.

Don’t Be Scared of a Big Hit

For example, a typical furnace can easily run between $5,000 and $6,000 with labor included just to place, test and set up to operating mode. Fortunately, most such furnace installations can be financed over time instead of needing to be paid right up front. And the real cash hit is far smaller, more in the neighborhood of $65 a month. In addition, with incentives and local community tax perks, an efficient system can be financed with no money down as well. It just depends on which loan program is utilized for the installation.

More Efficiency, Bigger Return

You already receive a significant benefit in energy savings as well. Older heating systems can also be sending money out in the cold air with inefficiencies and gaps that have developed over time. More than likely, your old system is running a 60 percent efficiency versus what a new heating system would produce. That’s essentially 40 percent every month you are paying in a utility bill without any benefit. With a new system in place, you’re getting 100 percent of your cost value inside your home again, a huge turnaround and reduction in energy waste.

Being Smart With Your Finances

By utilizing flexible financing for your new heating system, you’re saving your pocketbook from a big heat, redirecting your hard-earned utility bill back to your benefit, and keeping your home warm and save during the coldest months. Those benefits absolutely justify taking action now instead of suffering along and trying to keep an old system working with more and more losses in repair costs. Donnie Rowe Heating & Air Conditioning can help homeowners in the Lexington area with a number of financing options and alternatives. Give them a call or email today to find out more!

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