What Does it Mean to be a Factory Authorized Dealer?

Factory Authorized DealerThe label of “Factory Authorized Dealer” is not something that businesses merely attach to their names to sound more proficient. Such classification is one given to HVAC businesses who have proven themselves trustworthy to represent manufacturers in sells and repairs. A company must earn the standing as an authorized dealer of products and take certain steps to maintain its status as such. Read on to learn about the criteria that manufacturers use when determining which businesses deserve partnerships.

Customer Service is Important

A manufacturer does not want to do business with a company that has not learned the essence of excellent customer service. You can expect to get specialized attention and quality care from any factory authorized dealer because staff members have likely received training on what makes a good experience for the customer.

Knowledgeable Staff Members are Key

No amount of superior customer service can replace workers who know the products and general nature of the industry. You need more than a smiling face and friendly demeanor when you need to understand the difference between a ductless air conditioner and a portable system. All factory authorized dealers have staff members who are confident and knowledgeable in the field. An associate in one of these companies can usually guide you through the process of buying a new HVAC system so that you get the machine you need instead of the one that is prettiest.

Technical Help is Essential

The average factory authorized dealer requires ongoing education about products so that staff members are capable of providing technical support to customers. You typically will not come into contact with several employees at an authorized dealer who cannot delve into the details of a heating and air system to troubleshoot problems. At least one associate will have enough training to address the issue at hand. In fact, techs who work for authorized dealers are NATE-certified in core competencies. You can rest assured in knowing that HVAC installations and repairs are handled by experts.

Professionalism Stands at the Forefront

Every staff member at a factory authorized dealer provides professionalism that goes beyond the ordinary company in the industry. In addition to providing NATE-certified technicians, authorized dealers also give customers warranties that cover system errors and problems related to the installation process. You also have the assurance of a licensed contractor doing the work, which means that you can hold them to industry standards.

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