How to Care for Your Evaporator Coil

Many people are getting ready to get rid of the cold winter clothes and enjoy some sunshine finally.  However, the warmer seasons do come with some heat issues. Using an air conditioner appears to be the best solution to regulate heat. An air conditioner consists of two very significant coils the evaporator and condenser coils.

How you take care of each of the two coils, will indicate how well your air conditioner will work for you. The evaporator coils will require more attention since it is the part of your AC that absorbs the excess heat in your surroundings. If your evaporator coil is dusty or covered with grime and dirt, it becomes difficult for it to absorb heat from the air.

A build-up of dust and dirt results in the increase of energy use, higher temperature, and pressure, reduced heat absorption and your AC cooling capacity also reduces.
Here is how you can keep your evaporating coil working at peak condition.

1.  Schedule maintenance checks for your evaporating coil. Regular maintenance checks on the evaporating coil help prevent corrosion, frost build-up because of condensed air, and other issues that may arise without your knowledge. Maintenance checks help your evaporator coil to work efficiently.

2.  Be sure to ventilate your house. Proper ventilation prevents dust and dirt from piling up on the evaporator coil. Always dust your AC occasionally to prevent the gathering dust from forming a layer on the evaporator coil.

3.  Call in a professional air conditioning company when the coil stops working. They will assist in cleaning and carefully scrutinize your evaporator coil to ensure it functions appropriately and offers energy-efficient relief in your home.

We are a heating appliances and repair company with expertise in evaporator coil maintenance. Your comfort is always our priority. Contact us to help you clean your evaporator coil and ensure it is working appropriately.