Can Air Conditioning Cause Headaches?

Can air conditioning cause headaches Air conditioning is great for keeping your home comfortable. It is especially beneficial to people with allergies or asthma because it filters out pollen, allergens, and dust and improves the quality of indoor air. It reduces humidity and may help prevent heatstroke. Unfortunately, it could be the reason for your headaches. Your AC needs regular maintenance and cleaning to prevent headaches and breathing problems. There are many reasons why your AC could cause headaches. Fortunately, it is possible to solve the issue.

Too Much Noise

Older AC models may be too loud. The noise often causes headaches. If your air conditioner’s compressor noise is too much for you, contact a technician who may help you to adjust it. Alternatively, you may purchase a newer model. Ne AC models are not only silent but also energy-efficient.

Contracting Blood Vessels

You may be tempted to temperatures too low on a hot energy. If you do, you may get too cold causing your brain’s blood vessels to contract. Contracting blood vessels may lead to a headache. To avoid the problem, keep your temperatures moderate. It saves energy and also prevents headaches.

Circulating Allergens

Your AC does not just circulate air especially if you do not perform regular maintenance on your vents. Your air conditioner may be circulating allergens and harsh chemicals in your home. Poor air quality may lead to headaches and respiratory problems. To prevent the problem, perform regular maintenance services on your air conditioning system. Clan your home or office often and get rid of harsh chemicals.


Your air conditioner may be lowering the humidity of air in your indoor space. If the air is too dry, it may cause dehydration which may lead to headaches. Increase your intake of water especially when your AC is running. You may also use a humidifier alongside your AC to maintain healthy levels of humidity in your indoor space.


If there is mold in your home, your AC may be circulating it. Mold may grow on your AC because it provides the perfect environment. You may prevent mold from growing on your AC coil by regular and professional maintenance. You may also install an Ultraviolet germicidal lamp in the unit. The lamp will prevent the growth of mold.

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