The Facts About Furnace Installation Lexington KY

January 31, 2017

Kentucky is a state that expects snowfall, but like other parts of the country, the first snowfall of the season can be a real challenge. There are several elements which many the first snowfall of the season unique. Before the winter weather is expected, it is wise to prepare the heating system to operate throughout the entire system. If the system needs repairs, they can be completed before the coldest weather hits. If a new unit is required, furnace installation Lexington KY residents can be assured of the quality of the equipment and the services.

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Quick And Efficient Furnace Installation Lexington KY

December 19, 2016

Kentucky winters can be bitterly cold, which makes preparing for them a huge necessity. Just as one would be proactive in gathering a proper winter wardrobe while the weather was still pleasant, getting a home's HVAC ready for the high demand that will be place on it should also be performed before things cool down too much. Quality furnace installation Lexington KY can make sure that indoor spaces stay warm when a brisk chill is in the air outside.

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An Overview Of Furnace Installation Lexington KY

December 6, 2016

Anyone who has lived or visited the Lexington, Kentucky weather knows how changeable it can be. There can be hot weather and cold weather, sometimes in the same month. For homeowners, a survival guide to weird Kentucky weather includes ensuring that the heating and air conditioning systems are operating efficiently. For furnace installation Lexington KY homeowners and business owners should obtain suggestions about the best systems from a qualified technician.

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Understanding Fall Forest Fire Dangers In Kentucky

October 21, 2016

Forest fires can decimate the land and any structures standing upon it. They can also wreak havoc on indoor air qualities for miles around. Understanding fall forest fire dangers in Kentucky is a very important part of keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. Following are several things that you can do to effectively mitigate both fire events and the many health risks caused by prolonged exposure to smoke.

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Tips On What To Do When You Are Losing Electricity During A Thunderstorm

August 16, 2016

During a monstrous storm, an electrical power outage is often experienced by homeowners. This is when your central AC units may not come back on. Losing electricity during a thunderstorm can be inconvenient, especially in the hot summer months when you need to cool your home. There are some steps you can take to ensure maximum safety.

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Humid Summers And Air Conditioning Problems

August 1, 2016

Air conditioners work hard during the warmer weather to produce cooler air and ensure comfortable working and living conditions. HVAC professionals offer a high standard of technical and maintenance services to keep systems running efficiently and prevent breakdowns from compromising indoor temperatures and air quality. Humid summers and air conditioning problems are common occurrences requiring routine assistance and support from certified technicians to manage cooler environments.

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Main Air Conditioning Problems You Can Plan For

June 28, 2016

One of the most common air conditioning issues that many homeowners face is improper operation. When an AC issue arises, it is important to figure out what to do about it. To help you with this task, here are some of the main air conditioning problems you can plan for.

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Understanding How Humidity Affects Our Comfort In Our Homes

June 27, 2016

A humid atmosphere in the house is an uncomfortable situation that no homeowner wants to be in. The main signs of humidity can be seen in steamed bathroom mirrors, window panes, and mold in the basement. When we begin understanding how humidity affects our comfort in our homes, it will be dealt with easier. Find out more information by reading this article now.

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Some Simple Things You Can Do To Keep Your AC Unit In Good Condition

June 24, 2016

Keeping air conditioners maintained will not only save homeowners money on energy costs, but it will also extend the units' lifespan. An AC needs regular attention in order to ensure it is operating at maximum efficiency. Before the cooling season begins, find out some simple things you can do to keep your AC unit in good condition.

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What Does An Air Conditioner Tune-Up Entail?

March 29, 2016

As a homeowner, you are probably capable of handling a lot of your ongoing HVAC maintenance on your own. Most people are able to wash out or change filters without any special assistance. In spite of this fact, all home heating and cooling systems should be regularly inspected by licensed service technicians. In fact, the visits should occur at least once or twice each year. With this in mind, you're probably wondering what does an air conditioner/furnace tune-up entail?

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