Why is Air Purity Important for Your Health?

Did you know that indoor air is approximately ten times more contaminated that air outside?
Environmental protection agency estimates that nearly 25 million Americans who suffer from allergies can manage it well if they learn to control indoor air quality. Air purity is paramount for healthy living.

Pure air is one that has recommended levels of moisture, less dust, and zero pollutants. Most people spend much time indoors at home, buildings and in offices. In such closed rooms, gas and chemical pollutants are the leading cause of eye irritation, fatigue, headaches, and allergies. Studies indicate that severe air pollutants increases or reasons cancers and other long-term conditions.

Common Indoor Air Pollutants

  • Second-Hand Smoke-A mixture of various tobacco smokes produced during smoking. It contains 7,000 substances known to increase risk cancer in humans.
  • Carbon Monoxide-Carbon monoxide is a dangerous odorless, and colorless gas is undetectable by the human body. When inhaled, it interferes with oxygen in blood reducing the amount of air required. When inhaled in small quantities, it causes nausea, dizziness, general body weakness, and headaches. However, in large amounts it kills.Also, In homes, buildings, and offices, the gas is produced from burn insulating materials found in wiring and other electrical appliances. To safeguard people indoors, carbon monoxide detectors are commonly used. State of the art devices capable of detecting and raising the loud alarm when CO levels reach dangerous amounts are available.
  • Radon Gas-Radon is a dangerous gas that finds its way into pour homes through openings and cracks especially when poorly sealed. The gas is classified as the second leading cause of lung cancer. The best way to manage this naturally occurring gas is through detectors capable of sensing their presence in our homes.
  • Humidity-Humidity is vital for life. During winter, air gets dry. It is that time of the year when most people look for body lotions. Humidifiers ensure the indoor air has enough moisture.

Breathing Impure and dry air is unsafe and unhealthy. The situation is even worse for people with breathing difficulties. To solve such a problem contact us here at Donnie Rowe Heating and Air Conditioning in Lexington, KY.