Why Are AC Unit Tune-Ups Important?

Most homeowners will only call a professional to look at their AC system when a major problem occurs or when it fails completely. Otherwise, it’s always easy to assume that everything is running smoothly, which is understandable given the busy nature of modern life. But if you live in areas of unpredictable weather patterns like Kentucky, you need to be prepared, always. Having regular AC tune-ups is one of the best ways of staying ahead of such situations.

Your AC, just like your car, is powered by numerous running parts that wear down as they work to keep your home cool. Kentucky summers, in particular, can take a huge toll on your AC unit. The system needs occasional care to keep it at a peak performance levels, which is why most HVAC manufacturers recommend annual tune-ups. Here are some of the reasons why AC tune-ups are so important.

Increased AC System Lifespan

A new AC system can only last for about 7 years if it’s not maintained properly. On the other hand, with proper, regular maintenance, an AC system will operate and peak efficiency for more than 15 years. An AC system will not just fail suddenly, failure results from the accumulation of the small problems that often go unnoticed. Annual tune-ups and other maintenance exercises can help you catch them in good time.

Reduced Energy Bills

If your AC system isn’t running properly, it works harder to keep your home cool. This means that the system will consume a lot of energy to function. Proper maintenance keeps the system operating efficiently, which can take about 25 percent off your monthly electricity bill. Tune-ups are part of HVAC maintenance, ensure that you get one every year as the manufacturer recommends.

Avoid Anticipated Expenses

A poorly serviced AC system can break down at any time. If that happens in the middle of the summer, you will have to raise the money required to fix or replace it as soon as you can while putting on hold other important issues. That’s inconvenient, and annual AC unit tune-ups can help you avoid it.

Most HVAC manufacturers recommend annual tune-ups. These tune-ups will help you reduce your energy bill by up to 25 percent and increase the lifespan of your AC unit. If you need AC repair in Lexington, KY, Donnie Rowe Heating & Air Conditioning with the AC tune-ups as well as other related services including installation, repair, and maintenance. Our services extend to neighboring areas including Versailles, Nicholasville, Georgetown, Winchester, and Paris. Call us for more information.

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